The symposium has an experimental character, many concepts will be tried for the first time in our community.

Live talks

Program live talks (streamed in the "Conference hall" zoom channel). All times will be announced in UTC. All talks will be summarized in a google calendar which you can attend in your personal local time.

Monday: Martin Hairer and Nina Holden

Tuesday: Kerrie Mengersen and Ashwin Pananjady

Wednesday: Didong Li, Yuqi Gu and Li-Cheng Tsai

Thursday: Emmanuel Candes and Xin Sun

Friday: Adel Javanmard and Wendelin Werner

Prerecorded talks

All contributed talks will be linked in the list of prerecorded talks. Just click the link and the video opens, videos are online a week before the symposium.

Live discussions

All registered participants will have the opportunity to discuss research related to the prerecorded talks. Check out the research videos before the symposium and get in touch with the speakers during the week of the symposium. You can find all live discussions here, a more convenient time table with google calendars can be found here. If you use google calendars yourself, just import the sessions to your personal calender and don't miss an event during the week.

Poster session

To check out the posters you can find a list of posters ordered according to the corresponding session.