Applied Probability

  • Afaq Ahmad (Awantipoora Kashmir): Discretization of ishita distribution

  • Mnerh Alqahtani (Warwick): Rare events computations of non-convex rate functions

  • Nofiu Idowu Badmus (Akoka): Weibull-EXtended Pranav Distribution: Application to Lifetime Data Sets

  • Abdellah Ouldkhal (Rabat): On the game theory

  • Ariful Romadhon, Suryo Adi Rakhmawan (Jakarta): Determining Individual and Contextual Factors for Elderly to Work in Indonesia

  • Krzysztof Szajowski (Wrocław): A measure of the importance of roads based on topography and traffic intensity

Bayesian Statistics

  • Nazmul Ahsan (Montreal): On outlier robustness of Bayesian analysis for the stochastic volatility model

  • Filippo Ascolani (Mailand): Predictive inference with Fleming–Viot-driven dependent Dirichlet processes

  • Chris Carmona (Oxford): Scalable Modularised Bayesian Inference with Normalising Flows.

  • Suman Guha (Kolkata): Bayesian Analysis with Gaussian Random Functional Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Model

  • Amine Hadji (Leiden): Distributed Bayesian regression: contraction rates & uncertainty quantification

  • Siddhesh Kulkarni (Louisville): Data augmentation algorithm for Bayesian von Mises mixture distribution

  • Inass Sekkat (Paris): Removing the mini-batching error in Bayesian inference using Adaptive Langevin dynamics

  • Deborah Sulem (Oxford): Bayesian estimation of nonlinear Hawkes processes

  • Fatiha Talbi (Koléa): Bayesien robustness of nonhomogeneous poisson processes

Case studies in statistics

  • Macy Belle (San Antonio): Stochastic SIR-based Examination of the Policy Effects on the COVID-19 Spread in the U.S. States

  • Jeremy Garcia (San Antonio): Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, and Its Impact on Data Science

  • Laura Gunn (Charlotte, London): Impact of the Luton Social Prescribing Programme on Energy Expenditure: Case Study Using Bayesian Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Modeling

  • David Han (San Antonio): A Statistician Teaches Deep Learning: From Fundamentals to Applications

  • Nathan Kim (San Antonio): A Statistician Teaches Deep Learning: From Fundamentals to Applications

  • George Mbaeyi (Ndufu-Alike): On Discriminant Analysis with Mixed Non-normal Variables

  • Oluwaseun Otekunrin (Ibadan): Farmers’ Preferences for Farming Enclaves in Nigeria: A Discrete Choice Experiment

  • Suryo Adi Rakhmawan, Hernanto Adwiluvito (Jakarta): Construction of children social vulnerability index in Indonesia: The case of Covid-19

  • Mina Song (San Antonio): Optimal Dynamic Treatment Regime by Reinforcement Learning in Clinical Medicine

  • Qi Zhang (New Hampshire): High Dimensional Mediation Framework for Mechanistic Integration of Omics Data

  • Brahim Zirari (Saida): How to measure democracy in empirical research : A statistical review case of Algeria

Computational statistics

  • Stanislav Anatolyev (Prague): Shrinkage for Gaussian and t Copulas in Ultra-High Dimensions

  • Wenyu Chen (Boston): Multivariate Convex Regression at Scale

  • Andrea C. Garcia Angulo (Leuven): Bootstrap confidence intervals for post selection and model averaging estimators

  • Wei Jiang (Palaiseau): missKnockoff: controlled variable selection with missing values

  • Shuhei Mano (Tokio): An algorithm for direct sampling from toric models with computational algebra

  • Daniel Leonardo Ramírez Orozco (Pernambuco): On Stochastic Comparison using majorization

Integrable probability

  • Milind Hegde (Berkeley): Probabilistic and geometric investigations of KPZ: Brownian Gibbs, geodesic watermelons, and bootstrapping

  • Andrei Prokhorov (Ann Arbour): On beta =6 Tracy-Widom distribution and the second Calogero-Painleve system

  • Chenyang Zhong (Stanford): Large deviation bounds for the Airy point process

Limit theorems, large deviations and extremes

  • Alioune Coulibaly (Dakar): On a Wiener-Poisson equation with rapidly fluctuating coefficients: Application to large deviations

  • Partha Pratim Ghosh (Delhi): Large Deviations for the Right-most Position of a Last Progeny Modified Branching Random Walk

  • Arturo Jaramillo Gil (Luxembourg): Stein's method in probabilistic number theory

  • Yin-Ting Liao (Providence): Sharp large deviations for random projections of high-dimensional measures

  • Elina Moldavskaya (Haifa): LIL for weighted sums of non-linear functions of Gaussian variables with LRD

  • Alexander Sakhanenko (Novosibirsk): First-passage times for random walks in the triangular array setting

  • Yvik Swan (Bruxelles): Stein discrepancies between univariate distributions

  • Zbigniew Stanisław Szewczak (Toruń): A. de Moivre theorem revisited

High-dimensional Statistics

  • Michael Celentano (Stanford): The Lasso with general Gaussian design with application to hypothesis testing

  • Xiongzhi Chen (Pullman): Estimating the proportion of false null hypotheses via integral equations

  • Castro G. Hounmenou (Abomey-Calavi): Estimation and test for multidimensional nonlinear regression models in the context of imprecise data

  • Kefei Liu (Philadelphia): Bayesian Tensor Canonical Correlation Analysis

  • Aziz Lmakri (Tétouan): Randomness or non-linearity: optimal detection for high dimensional data

  • Kangyang Luo (Shanghai): An Improved SVM-RFE Based on F-Statistic and mPDC for Gene Selection in Cancer Classification

  • Yuetian Luo (Madison): Tensor clustering with planted structures: Statistical optimality and computational limits

  • Michael LuValle (New Brunswick): Some issues of inference in high dimensional chaotic systems

  • Sobhan Mohammadpour (Montreal): DiFun, a framework for distributed functional clustering

  • Kimon Ntotsis (Thessaloniki): Multivariate Dimensionality Reduction for Public Pension Benefits Forecasting

  • Anselmo Pontes Junior: Some Remarks on non asymptotic concentration

  • Lu Zhang (Boston): Floodgate: inference for model-free variable importance

Mathematical finance

  • Nazmul Ahsan (Montreal): Simple Efficient Estimators for Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models

  • Khalifa Ababacar SY Ndione (Dakar): Financial risk

  • Tanut Treetanthiploet (Oxford): Gittins' Theorem under uncertainty aversion

Network analysis and causal modeling

  • Johannes Buck (Munich): Recursive max-linear models with propagating noise

  • Lihua Lei (Stanford): Conformal Inference of Counterfactuals and Individual Treatment Effects

Nonparametric Statistics

  • Serifat Folorunso (Ibadan): Bayesian Semi-Parametric Modeling of Infertility in Nigeria.

  • Serifat Folorunso (Ibadan): Bayesian Semi-parametric Modeling of Infertility in Nigeria

  • Felix Gnettner (Magdeburg): Depth-based two sample testing

  • Mohamed Abdou Tamer Khattab (Al Ain): Is it necessary to use non-parametric statistical methods with the analysis of a questionnaire containing a Likert scale?

  • Andrew McRae (Atlanta): Misspecified kernel regression with application to embedded manifolds

  • Usama Sattar (Islamabad): Performance of Non-Parametric Regression estimators in presence of skewed distribution

  • Andrej Srakar (Ljubljana): Wavelet regressions in symplex spaces

  • Masaya Takano (Montreal): Approximation Bounds for Conditional Expectation and Nonparametric Regression : Theory and Inference

Probabilistic models in biology

  • Alejandra Christen (Valparaiso): Asymptotic behavior of a stochastic epidemic model with a bilinear incidence rate

  • Paulo Tadeu de Oliveira (São Carlos): Importance of social distance in controlling the COVID-19 epidemic in Brazil

  • Hayato Takahashi: Computation of the exact distributions of the words

  • Nantawat Udomchatpitak (Bangkok): The Effect of Recombination on the Speed of Evolution

  • Adam Waterbury (Chapel Hill): Asymptotics of Quasi-Stationary Distributions of Small Noise Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Unbounded Domains

  • Linden Yuan (College Park): Spectral gaps of indel models

Probabilistic models in physics

  • Sharqa Hashmi (Punjab): A new Generalized Gumbel Type 2 Exponential Distribution

  • Watthanan Jatuviriyapornchai (Bangkok): Inclusion Process: its structure of the condensed phase

  • Naoki Kubota (Tokio): Continuity for the asymptotic shape in the frog model with random initial configurations

  • George Liddle (Lancaster): Scaling Limits of a Planar Random Growth Process

  • Shangjie Yang (Rio): Cutoff for polymer pinning dynamics in the repulsive phase

Random discrete structures

  • He Guo (Atlanta): Packing Nearly Optimal Ramsey R(3,t) Graphs

  • Tejas Iyer (Birmingham): Condensation in preferential attachment models with neighbourhood influence.

  • Alexander Sakhanenko (Novosibirsk): Discrete Conditioned Random Walks with Random Local Constraints

  • Anirudh Sridhar (Princeton): Correlated Randomly Growing Graphs

Random matrices

  • Thibaut Lemoine (Paris): The master field on compact surfaces

Spatial statistics

  • Samuel Davenport (Oxford): Exact Voxelwide Inference using Random Field Theory

Statistical methods in Machine Learning

  • Mina Aminghafari (Teheran): A Stratified Sampling Based on Clustering Algorithms for Big Data

  • Aleksandr Podkopaev (Pittsburgh): Distribution-free binary classification: prediction sets, confidence intervals and calibration

  • Chirag Gupta (Pittsburgh): Nested conformal prediction and quantile out-of-bag ensemble methods

  • Zeyang Jia (Hefei): Weighting Methods to Maximize the Power of Hypothesis Tests on Bandit Data

  • Ismael Lemhadri (Stanford): LassoNet: A Neural Network with Feature Sparsity

  • Takeru Matsuda (Riken): Estimation of non-normalized mixture models and clustering using deep representation

  • Adel Mohammadpour (Teheran): Model Selection versus Method Selection

  • Victor de la Pena (New York): From Decoupling and Self-Normalization to Machine Learning

  • Kévin Allan Sales Rodrigues (São Paulo): Inference and Diagnostics in LAD models

  • Samuel Ady Sanjaya (Bandung), Suryo Adi Rakhmawan (Jakarta): Against Hoax: Spam Detection in Social Media

  • Kris Sankaran (Madison): Measuring the Stability of Learned Features

  • Albert Senen (Eindhoven): Almost Sure Convergence of Dropout Algorithms for Neural Networks

  • Masaya Takano (Montreal): Semiparametric models with distributional regressors with application to causal inference

  • Feicheng Wang (Boston): Exact Asymptotics of Adaptive Control for the Linear Quadratic Regulator

  • Xie Xiaojin (Shanghai): A dynamic transmission rate model and its application in epidemic analysis

  • Min Xu (Shanghai): Deeping learning based bias correction for numerical chemical transport models

  • Wenkai Xu (London): A Stein Goodness-of-fit Test for Directional Distributions

Stochastic analysis

  • Francesca Anceschi (Modena): Existence of a Fundamental Solution of Partial Differential Equations associated to Asian Options

  • Adrián Hinojosa Calleja (Barcelona): Anisotropic Gaussian random fields: Criteria for hitting probabilities and applications

  • Anas Dheyab Khalaf (Huazhong): Periodic Averaging method for Impulsive Stochastic Dynamical Systems Driven by fBm

  • Oxana Manita (Einhoven): On exponential convergence of 1D Markov diffusions to heavy-tailed invariant density

  • Vadim Platonov (Edinburgh): Generalised It\^o formula for expansion in measure

  • Eya Zougar (Monastir): Spatial quadratic variations for the solution to SPDE with elliptic divergence form

Stochastic numerics

  • Mariya Mamajiwala (London): Stochastic dynamical systems developed on Riemannian manifolds

Statistics of stochastic processes

  • Chunhao Cai (Shanghai): Estimation of ruin probability driven by mixed fractional Brownian motion

  • Imma Valentina Curato (Ulm): Inheritance of strong mixing and weak dependence under renewal sampling

  • Lukas Trottner (Mannheim): A Markovian perspective on overshoots of Lévy processes with statistical applications

  • George Wynne (London): A Kernel Two-Sample Test For Functional Data

Stochastic Processes

  • Hong-Bin Chen (New York): Atypical exit events near a repelling equilibrium

  • Pongrawee Chumworathayee (Bangkok): Stochastic particle model of traffic flow for Smart Road development

  • Fraser Daly (Edinburgh): Compound geometric approximation for Markov chain hitting times

  • Nathaniel Eldredge (Greeley): Transportation duality and functional inequalities for Markov kernels

  • Ankan Ganguly (Providence): Beyond Mean Field Limits: Local Approximations of Interacting Particle Systems on Trees

  • Iqra Altaf Gillani (Delhi): A Stochastic Process on a Network with Connections to Laplacian Systems of Equations

  • Chenlin Gu (Lyon): Decay of semigroup for an infinite interacting particle system on continuum configuration spaces

  • Chong Liu (Oxford): Adapted topologies and higher rank signatures

  • Ferhat Lounis (Tizi-Ouzou): On the asymptotic behaviour of an unreliable M/G/1 retrial queue with impatience

  • Chitaranjan Mahapatra (San Francisco): Quantitative studies of autonomic nervous system activities in urinary bladder smooth muscle cells towards bladder overactivities

  • Raimundo Saona (Klosterneuburg): The Complexity of POMDPs with Long-run Average Objectives

Time series analysis and econometrics

  • Varun Agiwal (Ajmer): Study the Trend Pattern in COVID-19 using Spline-Based Time Series Model: A Bayesian Paradigm

  • Nazmul Ahsan (Montreal): Volatility forecasting and option pricing with higher-order stochastic volatility models

  • Brahim Belkadi: Nonlinear cointigration

  • Leonid Fedorov (Tübingen): Casting multivariate brain time series into topological inference

  • Olayemi Joshua Ibidoja (Gusau): Forecasting Rice Production in Nigeria using Autoregressive Integrated Models

  • Sayar Karmakar (Gainesville): Optimal Gaussian Approximation and Applications

  • Philipp Klein (Magdeburg): A MOSUM approach for the estimation of change points in processes satisfying strong invariance principles

  • Chijioke Nweke (Ndufu-Alike): Marginal Regression Models for Mixed Response Variables