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Ask me anything

A number of experienced academics have agreed to open 30 minutes of their time for an "ask me anything" session. Everyone will thus have the opportunity to join them, and ask them about, indeed, pretty much anything. We believe that this could be especially valuable to younger participants, who may have questions about the workings of academic life. The conversations are open to every participant.

Our volunteers are listed in this password-protected


The password is identical to the password for the zoom rooms that registered participants will receive by email. The times displayed in the spreadsheet are all in UTC. You may want to check it from time to time, as more volunteers may still be added to the list.

As we engage in these conversations, let's all try to keep a good balance of talking and listening. As always, the event should to be friendly, welcoming, and productive for everyone.


Icebreaker is an online platform on which participants are randomly paired for personal one-on-one conversations of about 5 minutes. After one round, we have a short break in a "common room", after which we are paired again with a new person. There is no imposed topic of conversation, the goal is to get to know each other better. In case the conversation stalls a little, the pair can also decide to pull a card with a question written on it, which should hopefully elicit more conversation. (There is no requirement to ever look at the card; it is just a helper.)

We will hold at least one 30-minute

general Icebreaker event, Monday 24, 18:00 UTC. Follow this link!

We will also hold some session-oriented Icebreaker events. For now, we have planned an Icebreaker event for the following sessions:

Integrable probability, Tuesday 25, 18:00 UTC cancelled.

Probabilistic models in Physics, Tuesday 25, 19:00 UTC. Follow this link!

The links to the events will be posted on this webpage shortly before the event.

WARNING: A Google email account seems to be necessary in order to participate. If you tune in late, you may have to wait for the end of a round before being linked with someone for a one-on-one conversation. Our events have a 200-person limit capacity.