Slack workspace

No doubt, every conference lives from scientific talks but also from discussions. During the World Symposium there will be some experiments for virtual interactions.

Slack workspace

A slack workspace was set up for the symposium. If you have no idea what a slack workspace is just give it a try!

1) Register for the workspace using this link:

Nothing needs to be downloaded.

2) Once you registered, sign in here:

If you have problems, ask your friends/students/colleagues/..., someone will know what to do!

3) If you enter, you will automatically follow the main channels. There is one channel for discussions around live talks; one for new researchers events; one for casual conversations; and one channel per session of the symposium. Have a look into the left sidebar, and join any channel that you find interesting (the "+" button next to "Channels" --> "Browse channels"). If you feel you understood nothing just log-in and randomly click everything you can, it will work!

You can draw a participant's attention to a message you're writing by typing "@" followed by their name. Keep in mind that, as always, we want the event to be friendly, welcoming, and productive for everyone.